And Breathe………

All kids and teachers look forward to school holidays!  The parents look forward to the first day and then are on countdown mode until school starts again.  The boredom kicks in and the arguing begins and that’s just me and the daughter!!!!

I can confirm the kids and I survived the half term.  It was filled with Hospital visits, shopping, ice skating, visits to the circus and the park.  School holidays are tricky as I work and so it sometimes feels like I myself am part of a circus with the juggling act I do!  But like I said we survived with the help of family and great friends!

The last week or so has been a whirlwind highs and lows of being a parent and being Michelle!  Michelle has been on more dates and I can confirm that they have been with the same guy, lets call him Mr L.  Whom dare I say it seems like a lovely genuine guy.

The only problem is well dieting and dating do not really go hand in hand.  Food and drink are very much present on every date which is great but I can feel the clothes getting tighter and tighter – this is not ideal if at some point I wish to take my clothes of (wink wink)!  So I have decided that come Monday 2nd March Operation Downsize will commence (Plan A part 2 is back on).  Next time Mr L takes me on a date I do not want to squirm when he puts his hand around my waist, I want to be able to relax and enjoy it.  We are off to the seaside on Sunday so obviously chips will be on agenda that’s why operation downsize will start on the 2nd!  Plus this week has been a cake week.  Cake at work  for birthdays and I’m making a cake for a christening, and its a true crime not to eat cake when offered – its just rudeness.  March the 2ndIi’m coming to get you!!!!!!!!!!!


Online Dating

Being a single parent can be lonely at times.  When the kids go to bed I have a few options:

  • Watch TV – Am currently boycotting the soaps!
  • Eat
  • Browse the internet and pretend I can afford to buy huge houses on the Sandbanks.
  • Exercise – pfftt last thing I want to do after a long day at work!
  • Stare at four walls
  • Look for company in the form of online dating/flirting

You will be pleased to know I have done all of the above – not at the same time although that’s something that I could try I suppose!  Recently I have ventured into the world of online dating!

When I say online dating I mean two websites- Tinder and Plenty of Fish.  Why these websites?  Well I can not afford to spend £££££ looking for company.  If I was looking to get married again then I would possibly pay but seeing as I just want company and someone to share a good night out with I opted for the freebie websites!

Well its fair to say all walks of life are on these websites.  Im going to be honest and say I prefer Tinder.  Its so much fun just swiping yes or no.  Completely superficial and based on looks but when a hottie swipes right (which means yes)and you get matched well, its a real confidence boost.  Because of this the guys are a lot hotter on here.  Plenty of Fish well lets just say – short, less attractive and cocky come to mind!

So this week after my disastrous date the other week (thanks to Plenty of Fish) I have downloaded Tinder again.  Again….yes again I first went on Tinder in August last year when I felt ready to date again.  Please note I was single for a year after the break down of my marriage before having my first date curtsey of Tinder!  It seems men can’t or do not want to wait long at all after the end of their relationship – what is this about?  It seems they either wait days, weeks or a couple of months.  Men either get lonely quicker or need attention from a woman, often ending in wanting a rebound fling.  Well they picked the wrong girl if that’s what they want from me!

I must admit im quite happy right and left swiping.  However, honestly if I cant pronounce your name its going to be a no, also if you only upload one photo and 54 people are in the shot – you have no chance in a little right swipe form me – Its Tinder not Wheres Wally!  Men also seem to think Skiing shots and Cuddling Tigers is going to get the girls – Newsflash its not!!!  So when you have been matched with a guy I sit and wait – I am not contacting them – I may be an independent woman who sometimes channels my inner Beyoncé on the dance floor, but I am not t messaging you first!

The opening lines some guys use have me in stitches and other are just Hi.  What the hell am I meant to reply to that?  I’m polite and message back – Hey, How are you?  To which a reply  of Good, and you? is received.  By this point I’m falling asleep with boredom!  Other lines are; Your boobs look amazing – Really – you think I’m going to reply to that!!!  The guy then went on to try and guess my bra size. Or You are beautiful , I hope you don’t mind me saying that.  Well no I don’t mind you saying that but seeing as you’ve probably just said it to 1000 woman then its not seen as sweet or truthful, so really it was a waste of words!

One guy caught my eye and has managed to make me laugh and well I have a first date with him tonight!  I hope he turns up!  I have not had time to panic over this date as it has been arranged pretty last minute.  I am planning on looking and feeling fabulous and am on planning on just possibly making a new drinking buddy for the night.  I’m going to be a breezy Missy B!

Wish me luck!



Hello world!

2015 is meant to be the year where my life takes a turn for the better – well that was my new years resolution.  How’s that going so far I ask myself hmmmmm not wonderful, so time to take action!  Plan A didn’t work out, Plan B was a bit ropy so now for Plan C – starting a blog!

Plan A was the obvious – lose weight and look fabulous ready to re-launch myself into the dating world.  It was going well, it really was until I did bag myself a date and then I reached for the biscuits as the self doubts started entering my head.  Will he like me?  Will he think I am fat or too short?  Will he fancy me – or lordy what if I don’t fancy him?  I knew we would get on as I had been texting him for two weeks before the date.

Plan B – Well that was to have a brilliant first date which would hopefully lead onto at least a second maybe even third date!  As mentioned I’m on plan C so there was no second or third date Christ there was barely a first date!!

He was over an hour late and well within that hour I got fairly well acquainted with wine!  Needless to say when he did turn up he had had a few dutch courage drinks as well!  To be honest I remember laughing a lot possibly at myself seeing as his Irish accent was harder to understand the more we drunk!  Before I knew it we were making our way home – separately may I add!

Did he want to see me again – Hell Yeah apparently he did until the texts died down and then he dropped off the face of the earth!  The guy had issues, issues of recently separating and having problems seeing his daughter.  I was a distraction for him, somebody to boost his ego after being cheated on.  Guys are gutless sometimes – if you don’t want to see me again just flipping say I might find comfort in a bar of chocolate (am allowed after all Plan A was aborted)! Or I may have a rant to my girlfriends – but jezzzz show a girl some respect so I can move on to the next plan!

This brings me around to Plan C – I need something to keep me occupied and therefore I am entering the world of blogging! I am determined to stick to plan C – I may add a few more plans to 2015 after all there are 26 letters in the alphabet.  I welcome you into joining me on my blogging adventure! The ups and downs of my life as a working single parent  trying to find my way in the world of dating, ex husbands, juggling childcare, lunching with the girls and generally trying to be fabulous!